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Mercies fall from heaven

Music—that ethereal cry—is a mystery to me. How does it move the soul so? Sometimes it moves my feet, sometimes my heart, and sometimes my muscles or will to rest. Then there are times, like today, when the mixture of words of adoration and praise with music is like Jeremiah’s new mercies. When, unbidden, the composition quickens and stirs. When the Spirit wells within, bursting like a geyser into the soul and I can’t help but raise hands in joyful adoration. And that breaking out drenches me with Life, with the Father. Even in the praising of God I find Life. And that is a sweet mercy flowing from heaven.

(Image: by chrismoncus at flickr; some rights reserved)


Chris said…
Dude! Thanks for using my photo!

I love what you wrote. It's so poetic and true.