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Raining mercy

This blog was recently showered with blessings by Kari at Healed Waters, who (in a sweet version of the blog meme tradition) sent me a “mercy drop.” What is it? She developed the idea from the 1883 hymn, “There Shall Be Showers of Blessing” by Daniel W. Whittle, about the seasons of refreshing and reviving the Lord sends upon us. She says:

As I blog-hop each day, there are certain ladies who consistently reflect to me a manifestation of just such light, life, joy, peace, and power. Yet how often they go unrecognized because I haven’t time to comment or e-mail. And how often some of them go unrecognized because they write about the “hard” things. Because they don’t seek “readership.” They just write what the Lord has laid on their hearts. Day after day. Week after week. These ladies are as “Mercy Drops” to me in what can often be a dark and stormy world - and blogosphere. They are regular sources of refreshment and revival for me.
And she counts this blog among them. Thank you, Kari.

And I’d like to echo Kari’s words and pass it on to a few other women in the blogosphere: Mirtika at Mirathon, St. John’s Abi and Melissa at Wonderings and Wanderings. Friends, post the drop on your blog (you can capture from this blog or see Kari's instructions) and pass it on.


Mirtika said…
Wow. I'm a...DROP!!!!!


Okay, drops should be more humble, huh?

Mir<--saying thanks for thinking me kinda wet. ; )
Carmen Andres said…
heh, it is precisely the spirit of this reaction that draws me to your blog. you make me laugh, smile, and gaffaw -- which is often needed as well as welcome (except when i'm drinking coffee, which i now set down before i visit mirathon, lol). blessings to you always.
Kari Z. Murphy said…
You are very, very welcome, Carmen!

Your posts of late (you've been busy!) really reflect a heart chasing after Christ! You bless me, so!

In Christ alone,