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Moving conviction to art (kind of)

In spirit with my post of yesterday, I made the above at Motivator, a site online where you can make your own motivational (or anti-motivational, if the case calls for) posters. This is my attempt, heh. The photo is by kafeole at flickr (some rights reserved) but the text (for better or worse) is all mine.

Church walls--or, more accurately, breaking out of them--is a reoccuring topic on this blog. For more on this topic, see the "rethinking how we do church" category.


t-HYPE said…
I think it's a great poster!
David said…
Like it!
LutheranChik said…
That is pretty cool. Thanks for the link, too.
Mirtika said…
What a fun little doohickey. I created three in a spree. They're up at Mirathon if ya wanna see.

Thanks, Carmencita.

I just love this Carmen, I wish all our churches had this on their wall and practiced it.
Sally said…