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The flu be here . . . again

This time it be in my three-year-old boy. Poor guy. His sister's back at school making up all those tests she missed last week due to the flu. She didn't eat for over two days and spent most of the rest of those days in bed. Oiy.


Mirtika said…
Aw, sorry the nasties got the family. Are you sure it's the flu?

I got my shot Friday. Hope it actually helps...some years the shot doesn't actually help with the particular strain going around.

Hope your puddingpies are all normal soon.

Is that a flecce bedcover?

carmen said…
he got better much sooner than his sister, but then i got the "tamiflu" into him about 24-36 hours earlier. let me tell you, get that stuff into yourself or your kids as soon as possible after diagnosis. it really makes a difference. next year, it's flu shots for everyone, heh.

and the fleece you see is a couch blanket, one of two which are my and my kids' favorites in the house.

merrry christmas,