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Fav Christmas flicks

Since ‘tis the season and this blog deals with movie fare, I thought I’d share my favorite holiday films—those I love to watch every year, curled up on the couch with a warm blanket and drink and a huge bowl of jalapeno popcorn.

Some are holiday themed, some only mention Christmas, and some I’ve come to somehow associate with the season—but they all give me the warm fuzzies and/or the holiday spirit. Most don’t deal overtly with the birth of Jesus or even Jesus himself, but all of them deal with love—be it romantic, friendship or familial. And that, my friends, gives them the Christmas connection (at least for me):

White Christmas. Two sisters. Two song-and-dance men (who are the best in the business). An inn that needs snow and saving. A good recipe for a holiday flick.

A Christmas Story*. Redrider BB guns, pesky furnaces, and roadside mishaps. What a classic. And one we usually manage to introduce someone to every Christmas. (Though how they’ve missed it—as it plays constantly on television this time of year—I’ll never know.)

Little Women. Sisters, love thwarted and pursued, and poor Beth. There's several versions out there, but I love the black and white 1949 June Allyson rendition.

Sound of Music. The hills are alive and this film is one of my favorite things. I watch this flick every Christmas—and now my daughter watches it with me, heh.

When Harry Met Sally*. A friendship that goes romantic then away and then back again. Plus Christmas makes an appearance here and there, so it’s not too much of a stretch.

Sleepless in Seattle*. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. What a combo--need I say more? Plus, like above, Christmas pops up here and there so it's in the spirit.

A Charlie Brown Christmas. This was my favorite of all the Christmas specials from my childhood. But today my family owns Rudolph, Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, too.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*. Four children, a magic land and a good-but-not-safe Lion. Not a Christmas movie but the reason for the season. Plus it was released during the Christmas season which brings its association to this list.

*While I enjoy these films, there may be elements in them--ie, violence, sexual situations, and language--that may be offensive to other viewers. As always, research films before you see them, reading critics you trust.)

Now, what are your favorites?

(Image: photo by tanakawho; poster made at BigHugeLabs)


Kate said…
How about The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever?
Magdalene6127 said…
Carmen, I love your blog and have spent a long time today reading. I have a few Christmas movie suggestions that are a little out there. First, my daughter and I watch "Desk Set" every year; Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, with a big blowout Christmas party that is too much fun. Also I love "The Ref", a film that starts out quite dark and R-rated, about a terribly unhappy couple (Kevin Spacey and Judi Davis) who find themselves carjacked on Christmas eve by Dennis Leary (a jewel thief). He ends up essentially becoming their marriage counsellor. It is really quite wicked and wonderful at the same time. And I do love "While You Were Sleeping..." Sandra Bullock and Bill whats-his-name, can't do any better than that.