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Fa-la-la-la-la, La Friday Five

Courtesy Reverrendmother at RevGalBlog: “Those of you who read my blog know I have a love-hate relationship with the 24/7 Christmas music we're subjected treated to in stores and radio (in the U.S. at least). It gets too sentimentally sticky-sweet sometimes, yet I find myself unable to resist it. Nothing says 'it's Christmas' to me like John Denver and Rolf the Dog singing 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.' So . . .
1. A favorite 'secular' Christmas song. White Christmas. Or Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Chestnuts Roasting. Or Winter Wonderland. Or Jingle Bell Rock. Or . . .

2. Christmas song that chokes you up (maybe even in spite of yourself--the cheesier the better). O Holy Night. Not so cheesy, but it brings those thrill-chills everytime.

3. Christmas song that makes you want to stuff your ears with chestnuts roasted on an open fire. Jingle Bells. Only because my three-year-old has been singing it NONSTOP for the last two months. Yes, TWO months. Ack. Though, I must admit, the way he sings it (“bingle-bells”) is rather cute—the first 200 times or so, anyway.

4. The Twelve Days of Christmas: is there *any* redeeming value to that song? Discuss. All of $75,122 worth

5. A favorite Christmas album. Oh, that’s hard. I’m playing Jazz to the World a lot lately. Then there’s Fats Domino’s Christmas is a Special Day, heh.
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Beth said…
LOL As to #4, you could argue *some* redeeming value in (oh, where did I read it recently?) that the whole song is symbolism of things of the Christian faith! ;)

But, I agree with ya' on the rest!
Deb said…
I LOVE White Christmas too!! :)


Amy said…
My son's been singing "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" all week--I'm starting to wonder if he knows the original version of this song!
chartreuseova said…
My list of albums to check out just keeps growing and've just added two more to the list.