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I'm not kidding: Your Best Life Now: The Game has arrived in time for Christmas. Read about it here. Hat tip to Quotidian Grace. Oiy.

(For those of you who aren't sure why some in the evangelical camp are a bit concerned when it comes to Osteen, see here. Heh, my husband won't let me watch Osteen anymore; he's tired of my yelling at the TV, ack.)



Mirtika said…
Why can't they just put Dallas Willard on tv and get rid of the super-polished, theologically iffy, used-car-salesmen kinda tvangelists.

Gives me the creeps.

And there surely must be some terrific smackdown coming for the prosperity teachers who seem to forget that Jesus and the apostles weren't loaded with moolah.

Mir<--would radically alter Xtian tv programming if given the chance.