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News about Harry and hobbits

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re probably aware the trailer for Order of the Phoenix is due to premiere today at 3:00 pm here (hat tip to MuggleNet). What you may not know is that /Film spilled on the presence of several copies of the trailer leaked on YouTube (the best of which is here). Also, if you’re interested, Cinema Blend has collected some photos from the film. The film releases July 13.

So, why follow Harry Potter on a God-talk blog? This territory has been well-covered by other folk, so check out Redeeming Harry Potter or this book for starters.

And, for those of us that thought Peter Jackson did a great job with the Rings trilogy, this is somewhat disappointing news: Multiple outlets (including Rotten Tomatoes and Looking Closer) are reporting on a OneRing spill that Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit or the prequel film. Ack.

(Image: WarnerBros via ComingSoon)