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More Hobbit news

Well, this Hobbit thing is a rollercoaster of news bites. First, the news that there will be a film and the possibility that Peter Jackson’s to direct it (and the other Lord of the Ring’s prequel). Then OneRing runs a letter from Jackson which reports that New Line passed on him (mostly, it seems, due to the timing of an ongoing lawsuit between New Line and Jackson’s Wingnut Films). I was bummed. Then the news that Sam Raimi may direct. Things were looking up a little.

Then I watched our extended-version of Fellowship again this afternoon and I was reminded just how much Jackson owned those films. He created three pieces of art that are, well, pieces of art so true to the Tolkien art which inspired them that they drip with biblical themes and truth. So I was bummed again.

Then, tonight, things are looking up again. FilmChat's Peter Chattaway has put together a couple of news items and thinks it looks like Jackson will direct The Hobbit—one way or the other. And I think he may just be right. Take a look.

(Image: New Line via FrameCapLib)