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Film news bits and pieces

Well, there’s a pre-release version out of a trailer for Thr3e, the Ted Dekker Christian thriller under FoxFaith’s banner. The film is due out January 5, but this blog thinks FoxFaith’s next venture, The Last Sin Eater (releasing Feb 16), may tell a better story.

Media coverage of Nativity is in full swing. Of note: ComingSoon has interviews with director Catherine Hardwicke and screenwriter (and Christian) Mike Rich. Christianity Today also adds an interview with Hardwicke to its older ones with Rich, Oscar Isaac (who portrays Joseph) and producer Wyck Godfrey. FilmChat takes a look at the coverage on the Illinois controversy while wondering about the lack of coverage on the film’s music composer. Also, keep checking out the BibleFilms and Queen Spoo blogs for updates. Spoo also has a collection of links to the teasers, trailers, clips and featurettes.

Some other tidbits: I found FilmChat’s post on subversive mythifying in children’s pop culture very interesting. And there are some new trailers and TV spots out for several films this blog is following: Rocky Balboa (hey, the series is all about second chances), Eragon (a story with the potential to carry an abundance of God-talk), Apocalypto (a film with different God-talk potential), and We Are Marshall (a film I've just added to my watch-list).

(Image: Namesake Entertainment)