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Film and faith tidbits

Here’s some info on a few upcoming films with faith themes. First, ComingSoon spills on two upcoming films by Tyler Perry (Perry's previous films—often spoken favorably of among Christian critics—include Diary of a Mad Black Woman and its sequel, Madea's Family Reunion):
For Why Did I Get Married, Perry adapts his sensational stage play about love, faith, and the joys -- and trials -- of matrimony. When a sexy young temptress threatens an already troubled marriage, a close-knit family rallies to examine their own marriages. In the process, they rediscover the precious reason why the one they have is the one they want forever.

A Jazz Man's Blues is set in the post-World War II South, where a young black jazz singer leaves his rural town in search of fame. During his absence, it's discovered that he had an affair with a local married woman. But all is not as it seems: the woman is actually his former lover and a light skinned black who has been passing as white. Her racist husband has no idea about her color or her past, and organizes the local Klan chapter to hunt down the jazz singer. Now a successful performer in Chicago, the jazz singer finds himself drawn back South to help save his mother's ailing nightclub and face his accusers.
ComingSoon also notes the Production Weekly scoop that Christian Slater (Heathers, Pump up the Volume, Bobby) and Elle Fanning (Because of Winn Dixie, Babel, Déjà vu) are to star in the adaptation of Christian novelist Karen Kingsbury’s Gideon’s Gift, a holiday story:
One long-ago Christmas, Big Earl Gibson (Slater) lost the two things most precious to him-his wife and daughter. Angry and heartbroken, he abandoned his belief in God and is now living on the street. Gideon Mercer (Fanning) is an eight-year-old leukemia patient determined to reach out to this lonely and hurting man. And Earl is just as determined to rebuff her. It is only through a miracle that Earl finally comes to understand the true meaning of Christmas. And it's only then that he can return the favor with a precious gift of his own.
Some other tidbits: GetReligion ruminates on the industry, in particular the rumored “Passion playbook.” And, last night at the theater I caught the trailer for the next Rocky flick (it was attached to the new James Bond film), and found myself actually somewhat moved and a bit inspired—overcoming overwhelming odds and all that. It could have just been the theme music bringing back nostalgic memories, however, because my husband rolled his eyes and said that’s the stupidest thing he’s ever seen. Heh.

(Images: Why did I get married, Lion’s Gate (Barnes & Noble image); Gideon’s Gift, Karen Kingsbury; Rocky Balboa, MGM)