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A Deep South Christmas season

Today, we finished putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. With two kids eight-years-old and under, the excitement and anticipation over Christmas--even if it is 30 days away, as my daughter pointed out with a sad face today--is at a maximum level around here. Heh, but while their mother may be cooperating with the season, the weather certainly isn't. We had all of our windows and doors open today, letting the mid-7os breezes waft through the snowmen and pine branches. I sat on our front porch swing and nearly slipped into a mid-afternoon catnap. Gorgeous.

(Images: my home)


Beth said…
This is particularly funny to me since I'm sitting in Michigan, looking at a half decorated Cmas tree and it is SIXTY-THREE degrees out during the last week of November!? LOL Who'da've thunk? ;)