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Another trailer for 'Eragon'

There's another gorgeous trailer out for Fox's Eragon (which I can't seem to get to work on this blog). So, why note this film on this blog? I've written about this before, but as the film approaches perhaps it's worth repeating:

The film has been developed from a novel that spent 98 weeks on the NY Times Bestseller List, garnering a rather large following—myself included. What can I say. I have a weakness for novels like this (similiar to my weakness for B movie fare, I guess): they are fun and easy to read, have a great number of characters which feel like old friends (probably because you’ve met so many versions of them in the books you’ve read before) and a good plot that keeps the pages turning even as the clock screams that you should already be sleeping. It’s no great classic, but it sure is a good yarn. And there are some good nuggets, like this one from Brom (the wise sage that mentors Eragon): “Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it’s actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe.”

It's a phrase like this—and the themes that go with it—that puts a film about dragons and quests on a blog that follows films with the potential to generate God-talk. The Lord of Rings films introduced a lot of people to the presence of biblical themes in high fantasy: good versus evil, a quest for truth, a fight for right-ness, hope, sacrifice, nature of love, redemption, faith, community, etc. All of these are dominant themes in Scripture, and most of them also run through Eragon in one form or another.

The film is due out December 15.