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Vintage Jesus on Mars Hill

As part of the marking of the tenth anniversary of Mars Hill, pastor Mark Driscoll announced on a recent blog post that they’re starting a new series entitled "Vintage Jesus." Why note it on this blog? Well, whether you appreciate Driscoll’s style or not, he definitely mines the culture in his God-talk (in fact, the blog entry on this series is littered with cultural connections, including a list of some classic—and not-so-classic—quotes from “great individuals” regarding Jesus). What’s the series to focus on? Read on:
People tell us all sorts of things about Jesus. He was rich. He was poor. He was black. He was white. He was God and not God. He was a liar who told the truth, born of a virgin who was a tramp. He rose from the dead or else escaped death to shack up with His girlfriend. Even within Christianity, a goofy trend recasts Jesus and the faith; apparently, a new kind of Christian has emerged.

Therefore, it only seems right that we spend some time at Mars Hill hammering out some rigorous answers to the twelve most common questions about Jesus. The Sunday sermons will include video interviews about Jesus with everyone from a Jewish Rabbi to Christian worship leader David Crowder to Thrice band frontman Dustin Kensrue to potheads at Hempfest (who I interviewed while wearing my "Jesus is watching you smoke that weed!" t-shirt). In conjunction with each sermon, I will be modeling a goofy Jesus t-shirt to provide a few additional laughs.
Heh. You can get the entire series free of charge in high-def vodcast and audio podcast at and iTunes. Also, the series will also be published as a book titled Vintage Jesus.

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