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Update on big-screen Esther epic

Matt at Bible Films Blog notes that Esther-epic (and film this blog’s been following) One Night with the King, due to be released Oct. 13, has a revamped web site (and a new trailer). The film boasts some star power, including Peter O'Toole (Samuel), John Rhys-Davies (Mordecai) and Omar Sharif (Prince Memucan) and John Noble (Prince Admantha) as well as Bedford Diaries’ Tiffany Dupont (Esther), Battlestar Galactica’s James Callis (Hamann), Luke Gross (Xerxes), and Tommy Lister (Hegai).

Will it be playing in your neck of the woods? Check out (yes, the new arm of Fox aiming at religious filmmaking is involved in this one) to find out if a theater near you is one of the 866 (but growing, according to FoxFaith) currently booked nationwide to play the film. If you miss the film (I can't seem to locate it yet on NetFlix, either), you can catch its debut on TBN next year.

(Image: Gener8xion)