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Friday Five: Word Association

Courtesy of RevGalBlog: “Below you will find five words. Tell us the first thing you think of on reading each one. Your response might be simply another word, or it might be a sentence, a poem or a story (Yes, they're all from Job 38):”
1. Whirlwind. Johnny Cash’s The Man Comes Around, the title track on and the only one he wrote for his haunting American IV album: “ . . . And the whirlwind is in the thorn trees/The virgins are all trimming their wicks/The whirlwind is in the thorn trees/It's hard for thee to kick against the pricks/Till Armageddon no shalam, no shalom. . . .” Interestingly, the whirlwind Cash refers to is actually a reference to Job 38:1, from which God speaks to Job. I first heard these lyrics on NPR, when they were interviewing him shortly after the album released. What a poet. I miss him.

2. Foundation. Creation in Genesis 1. (I love that image of God’s breath sweeping over the deep.)

3. Lightning. During the summer after my second year in college, I worked at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp. One day, I was standing on the porch of one of their more rustic cabins when a bolt of thick lightening crashed straight down among the trees in front of me, like a giant sword. I swear, I heard a crackling sizzle before the boom of thunder (that made my insides vibrate for a long time afterwards). While I am a great lover of storms (known to stand in the middle of the street with a video camera filming a funnel cloud less than half a mile away), I must admit I instantly reacted by instinct and got my hinny inside.

4. Den. A room with french doors, a wall-panel-sized plasma TV, a dark cherry-wood desk, a leather couch, a fireplace, a furry rug and brimming bookshelves lining the walls. In all the houses I’ve lived, never had one. Heh, but I can still dream.

5. Prey. That poor, ignorant praire dog in all those nature shows, snuffling in the dirt and oblivious to the giant hawk with those huge talons swooping down from above. Sniff.
(Image: Johnny Cash, 1969, Wikipedia)


Songbird said…
I love that album. He was such an interesting man. Thanks for the reminder.
Sally said…
That den is the stuff of dreams!!! dream on...