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Friday Five Creature Comforts

Courtesy of RevGalBlog, it time for me to list my cozy creature comforts--"those activities and spaces that just make a person feel good":
1. Comfort beverage: Coffee, coffee, coffee. It makes the grass greener, the sky bluer, and my heart leap, leap, leap. (Okay, that’s the caffeine, but still.)

2. Comfort chair: More like the couch. With a fluffy, soft, cozy blanket. And a warm cup of coffee.

3. Comfort read: I learned a neat habit from my friend Lauren, who shared one time how she curls up in a chair and reads a passage or two from a favorite book every now and then. Not the whole book, just a piece or two. I’ve taken on that comfort-read habit, and my morsels of late are coming from Stones for Ibarra, the Psalms, The Rest of the Gospel, Divine Conspiracy, The TreeKeepers, Touches the Sky, Hannah Coulter and Luci Shaw. It’s a smorgasbord, heh.

4. Comfort television/DVD/music: The Weather Channel, Always—or Out of Africa, Ghost, or The Mummy (I know, not normal comfort film fodder, but it works for me)—and (currently) Joan Baez’s Gracias de la Vida.

5. Comfort companion(s): All around comfort-companion: hands down, my husband. For I-need-soul-sister-comfort, there’s none other than Susan, Lauren, Lenore or Karen.
(Image: by rickabbo at flickr)


reverendmother said…
I like the idea of reading short passages--good one!
Sally said…
I read short passages too!! and Ghost is a classic...
revabi said…
cool. I end up reading short passages too, but for other reasons. You have got this comfort thing figured out.
Carmen Andres said…
as a mother of young children, my moments of comfort are very, very, VERY important, heh.
(said in the best Homer Simpson voice.)

oooOOOOOooooo Coffeeeeee.....