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Art and faith

This painting (entitled simply “Thomas”) was done by Swiss artist Corinne Vonaesch. Her paintings have been cropping up on some of the blogs I frequent, so I stopped by her website. What a blessing.

Many of her paintings are inspired by the Bible: “The spiritual dimension,” says Vonaesch’s website, “is part of a whole reflection concerning modern Christian iconography with a double challenge: first, to give religious imagery its place back in our pictorial society and in the church. The second would be to illuminate these biblical texts in a new and original way since the Bible has been illustrated many times during the centuries.”

Regarding her collections, Vonaesch has a series inspired by the Creation in Genesis, another inspired by the life of Jesus from the Gospel of John (of which the painting above is a part) and one entitled simply Others. In addition, she has a collection of paintings inspired by the desire to close the gap between the North and South, her message being “one of refusing fatalism and indifference.”

I find her work gorgeous. Take a look.

(Image: Thomas by Corinee Vonaesch)