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Another Kingdom image

Recently, David at Emerging in Ludlow captured what life looks like in the Kingdom as he observed those around him who have cultivated the inner life:
There is something wonderful about them that is hard to put a finger on. Mostly they are older people, often people who have had really hard things happen to them. In my experience they are not people in positions of authority, they may have been but are not now. They laugh a lot, but you know they would also cry with you. When you learn, you are surprised about the many things they are involved in - they kept all that quiet! It seems there has been a casting aside of self which has come after years of battle and deliberate practice. Continually saying 'Not my way, but yours Father'. I aspire to being like that.
I love this image of a transformed life, this Kingdom life. This is a life that has fallen into step with Jesus, that walks naturally beside him, that abides in him. This is a life that participates with Jesus in loosing the ever-restoring and ever-redeeming Kingdom. This is a life I can learn from. This is a life that reminds me of what is possible, of what is real, of what is mine. I aspire to being like that, too.

(Image: by brokenchopstick at flickr)


e-Mom said…
Nice post. Wonderful thoughts, beautiful photo.
David said…

Thanks for the link - but this guy? He looks like he could steal candy...

Only kidding, hope he isn't your Grandpa!
Carmen Andres said…
are you dissing my grand-pappy?! just kidding, heh. really? he looks like he could steal candy?! ack. better be a little less tired when i pick out pics for my posts, lol.
Sally said…
I love it... and the photo is great- looks like a face full of joy to me