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Ah, Fall

Today is a good day to be alive.

This morning was the first this season I needed to pull a sweatshirt over my long-sleeve t-shirt. The first where cold air met my face and hands and toes sticking out of my sandals when I walked out the door to take my kids to school.

And I couldn’t help but smile.

I love the season change. Especially when Winter moves to Spring or Summer to Fall (Summer and Winter just seem to be extreme extensions or drawing outs of Spring and Fall, don’t you think?), my heart leaps with the promises of change, movement, newness, clarity and renewed vigor. I get the sense of transformation—and that reminds of God.

And that makes me smile more because that cold air of this morning reminds me that I’m transforming, too. God is moving me from fear to trust, from darkness to light, from weariness to rest, from blindness to sight. He’s revealing his Kingdom—those renewing and restoring and exploding wide open spaces of his grace, glory and love. And he’s teaching me what it is to love, to pay attention to others, to move out of me and into him, to feel his love wrapped around my shoulders like a warm blanket that I can wrap around others.

It’s as if this morning’s cold air that heralds the season’s changing testifies to the ever evolving and moving forward of God’s kingdom in me and others and the world around me.

Yes indeed, today is a good day to be alive.

(Image: by surplusparts at flickr)


revabi said…
This cool weather today s a nice reprieve isn't it.