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Hurricane Florence bears down on Bermuda

It’s been pretty quiet as far as Atlantic hurricane seasons go. However, Florence recently graduated to hurricane status, and while the U.S. probably won’t see the storm on her shores, it looks like Florence will be impacting Bermuda in a big way.

According to Weather Underground’s Dr. Jeff Masters, “Today marks the peak day of the Atlantic hurricane season, and we've got the second hurricane of the season to watch now. Hurricane warnings are flying in Bermuda, and the island is bracing for what may be a direct hit by a Category 2 Hurricane Florence on Monday. Florence has an impressive appearance on satellite imagery this morning, with a large 50-mile diameter eye, an outflow channel at upper levels well established to the north, and a smaller one to the east. Given the very large size of the eye, it appears likely that at least a portion of Bermuda will be affected by the eyewall when Florence makes its closest approach Monday.”

For looks at the approaching storm, see Bermuda Weather Service’s Webcam or Weather Underground's satellite views, which are updated every half hour. Prayers go out to Bermuda.

(Images: Weather Underground)