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Fears of living free

I just got a hold of Mockingbird, the latest CD from Derek Webb (whom Christianity Today says is “a bit of a prophet in Christian music, writing in-your-face songs that might make you squirm”) which he is now offering for free download (which has drawn attention in the media from the likes of Billboard Magazine). If you go for the offer, I gotta warn you that it’s a tough album that deals with a lot of tough, mostly social issues—some of which, to be quite honest, make me extremely uncomfortable and some with which I have issues. But they are songs which raise issues worth discussing among those of us who follow Jesus, whether you agree with Webb or not.

The songs with which I cannot argue and which resonate most deeply, however, speak frankly to my own struggle to live an authentic, dependent life with Jesus versus one of my own effort and making. And here’s one of them, A New Law: