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Some fun links

It must be contagious. This past week, some of my favorite bloggers kept posting links to great places that kept me from doing all those things I needed to be doing:

David (who’s Emerging in Ludlow) says that trying to get these guys in time is even harder than leading a worship group. Heh, this thing is addictive.

And then there’s that Tall Skinny Kiwi who thinks there will be noserings in heaven.

Fellow Deep Souther Rev Abi points to some cats with a major attitude.

And that irrepressible Mirtika introduced me to those four men doing some incredible dancing (who knew?!) on treadmills.

Consider yourself infected—enjoy.

(Image: A smiley bit of graffiti found on a footbridge over the River Avon in Bristol by timlings at


Mirtika said…
I still love the video. I think I've watched it like 6 times. :)

Hubby was not impressed. I pooh-poohed his pooh-pooh attitude.

Apparently, the sister of one of the band member's did the choreography. I think it rocks!