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God-talk Miscellany XIV

Here are some links upon which to linger as you sip your afternoon ice tea (it’s too dang hot for coffee):

Well, that NY Times article about Greg Boyd (which this blog ruminated about earlier) certainly is making a splash. Baptist News includes a response from one of their own. Mollie Ziegler of Get Religion also weighs in, asking if we’re Leaving politics aside? And, when you’re done with that, why not head over to Jesus Creed for Scot McKnight’s Politics and the Church, where he responds to the Times article by asking (and ruminating on): “How do we as followers of Jesus relate to politics?”

News about a famous filmmaker is also splashing around out there. Get Religion’s Terry Mattingly looks at mainstream media as it's Covering the sins of Mel Gibson, which isn’t only a good array of article links but also an interesting commentary. Hat tip to Claw of Conciliator who points to blogger Hugo Schwyzer who writes in defense of Gibson, observing aptly that “Christians have never dealt well with the inner darkness of the redeemed.” Well worth the read, my friends. (As this blog’s already said, this thing is all about grace, grace, grace.)

Thanks to Susan for the point towards an address by church futurist Leonard Sweet to the Evangelical Covenant Church, in which he challenges traditional ways of ministry. My laugh-out-loud-with-the-pain-of-resonating moment? “Sweet . . . believes that churches are so focused on modern ways to communicate the gospel that they may have forgotten the core concepts that seemed to work for the early Christian church. One of the modern stumbling blocks is the use of committees to run the church. ‘Every committee meeting should begin with this question,’ said Sweet: ‘Did Jesus die on the cross so that we can spend the next hour talking about this?’” Ack.

Mark Driscoll reports on his blog that he’s been a busy fellow, writing about the charitable gifts of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in Rich or poor, it's righteousness that really matters for the Seattle Times and participating in an interview for Christianity Today “on Jesus, dudes, reformed theology, and megachurches to help promote the new book Confessions.”

Heh, and I stumbled across this New Man article refuting Jesus Seminar suppositions while looking up articles on Narnia (Google is funny that way). While it doesn’t really say anything new, I’ve always been a bit fascinated (though admittedly frustrated) by those JS folks.

And that’s all for now.

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Mirtika said…
Oh, yes, yes, we need to ask that question at the beginning of EVERY MEETING!!!!!!!