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Fleeting even in my dreams

This post is for all the mothers (and maybe you dads can relate?) out there. On early morning last week, I was having a great dream about sitting down and chatting with my good friend Lauren. I can’t remember what we were talking about, only that it felt good to sit next to her and share whatever conversation we were having.

Then, my three-year-old son’s voice breaks through the dream. “Mommmm! I wanna get up!” As I stumble towards his room it dawns on me: Even in my dreams I can’t have a complete conversation without one of my kids interrupting me.


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ReneeM said…
ok.. you made me laugh out loud... and it took me two tries to post a comment as I was being interrupted! :)
Carmen Andres said…
ah, a fellow traveler, heh. thanks for stopping by!