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With Tropical Storm Debbie heading out to sea, those of us living on or near the Gulf Coast are carefully watching newly named Ernesto. According to Weather Underground’s Dr. Jeff Masters, there’s a high degree of uncertainty associated with this storm: “I have very little confidence in any of the Ernesto intensity forecasts—including the official NHC forecast of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. High wind shear could still destroy this storm on Sunday. Ernesto should slowly intensify through Saturday, but beyond that, I have no idea. It's best to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. All portions the U.S. coast from the Florida Keys to Brownsville, Texas are at risk from this storm.”

How are those storm shutters coming, Mir?

(Image: Weather Underground)


revabi said…
Thinking about you and your friend mir.

If you didn't see my other comment, I finally finished the tag you gave me. St.John's Rev Abi: in the open space: God & culture: Playing tag
Carmen Andres said…
northern alabama counts!
Mirtika said…
Sadly, the incompetence and disorganization of the shutter company mean I have yet to have the shutters they promised I'd have by mid-July. Even though we signed the contract the first week of May, it's only NOW that they're getting the permit.


I'm praying for Ernesto to die a sudden death.