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Brilliantly British Friday Five

Courtesy of RevGalBlog: “Below you will find five phrases seen or heard by Songbird on her British holiday. Use your imagination to define them. Points will be granted for humor.”

Heh, I'd love to see what Mirtika would do with this one. Anyway, let me say right up front to my fellow bloggers across the pond: Please, please forgive me. Alrighty, here goes:

Adverse Camber: The awkward and sometimes dangerous combination of angles most mothers (here in the States or across the pond) perform with their bodies on a daily basis as they try to keep the dog from running out the door, the three-year-old from eating a bug and the postman from seeing something he shouldn’t, ack.

Butts Wynd: Um. Hmm. Ack. I ain’t even gonna go there.

Plague Church: A building without the Kingdom. (I know, not funny, but it's true.)

Free House: What Princes Harry and William call Buckingham Palace? Arg, that was weak.

Mind the Gap: Heh, what most moms are doing when they try to think a complete thought. What?

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revabi said…
Carmen, I am still trying to finish the meme you sent me. I like the first one and the last one. Actually laughed at mind the gap, because that is true. I am trying to mind the gap to be able to write right now.
Mirtika said…
Well, I know what "mind the gap" means cause I read about it in a novel. :D

You got your wish, Carmencita. I did it. And I think I made it loony enough to satisfy expectation. There's even hastily conceived (as in took me 10 seconds) poetry. :D

And where you dared not tread, the Butts Wynd, I boldly went in and conquered. heh.

Songbird said…
Carmen, great job! I love your take on "adverse camber!!!"