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Adding to the sidebar

I’ve added more links to my sidebar, which makes it reflect a bit more accurately where I frequent along the infobaun.

Under “sites I frequent” I added some more mainstream locations that focus on a variety of things, from film and weather to delving deeper into what it means to have Christ in us.

Under “blogs” I’ve added several written by people chronicling their walk with Jesus where it counts—in day-to-day life: David Bole is doing church a new way in Ludlow (that’s “across the pond,” as they say), Rev Abi is a UMC pastor in northern Alabama, Melissa Hatfield works with youth in Jefferson City, Leighton Tebay is (among other things) a former-and-perhaps-to-be-again house churcher on the other side of the 49th parallel, Mirtika is an always-makes-me-smile Cuban-American writer living in Miami, and my uber-talented friend Lauren is living Jesus in the arts (her space is in the beginning stages but keep checking back ‘cause I expect great things). I also added the blogs of author Wayne Jacobsen, Fuller prof Ryan Bolger, pastor Mark Driscoll and Alexander Campbell’s Simple Church UK.

Happy meandering.

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Bram Appleton said…
Thankyou for choosing my picture for your blog. :)
Carmen Andres said…
are you kidding!? thank YOU for taking great pictures!! it's photographers like you who make your pics available who make us bloggers look better than we are, heh. many blessings.