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Some pop culture reflection in the God-talk blogosphere

Here are a few interesting links to read with your afternoon coffee (or soda, or whatever):

Emerging voice and Seattle Mars Hill Church’s Mark Driscoll makes the case for a possible link between Jesus and 24’s Jack Bauer. Heh, this could make for a great contemporary worship series.

GetReligion’s Terry Mattingly argues one-of-this-blog’s-favorite-singers Johnny Cash was more than spiritual, taking on a WaPo article about Cash's last album which could be construed as glossing over his Christian faith—as did Walk the Line.

OT Space Opera spills the beans on the second season finale of show-this-blog-likes Dr. Who (which dealt with the World Cup hoopla) while Claw of Conciliator reviews Serenity, another favorite-film of this blog. CC’s good observation: “So I can see why so many religious sf fans enjoyed this movie, as it resonates (intentionally or not) with some very old Christian notions.” Here, here and Amen.

(Image: Fox/Wikipedia)