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Some more items for your TiVo

For those of you into the pulp side of pop culture, here are three upcoming TV series (all of which, coincidently, will reside on Sci-Fi) either dealing with comic book themes or the supernatural, which could give them the potential for generating God-talk in the open spaces. (Why do comic book films and TV series have that potential? Read here. Or see here or here or here or here.)

Lightspeed (debuting July 26). According to ComingSoon, “This superhero drama is the story of Daniel Leight, AKA ‘LightSpeed,’ played by Connery, an agent that discovers he has super powers as the result of a near lethal mishap. Goddard, Leight's nemesis in an experiment gone bad, becomes part man -- part snake, morphing into ‘The Python.’ The action takes place as LightSpeed uses his ability to run at the speed of light, to thwart the slithering evil doings of the Python.”

Devil’s Advocate. Also according to ComingSoon, Mark Burnett and Dreamworks Television are producing this “one-hour conspiracy thriller from EP/Writer Jonas McCord (Earth: Final Conflict) about a theology professor who is thrust into the world of secret societies, religious espionage and genetic research. Hired by a global corporation, but motivated by his own personal search for the truth, our professor forms an eclectic team of 'devil's advocates' who are charged with deciding whether bizarre cases can be explained naturally, or whether there are larger, more supernatural forces at work.”

Witch Doctor. And again according to ComingSoon, “From Ben Edlund, the creative force behind the comic book series The Tick, comes Witch Doctor, a dramedy that mixes the worlds of medicine and the supernatural with warm human comedy. As David seeks alternative treatments when traditional western medicine cannot cure him, he stumbles upon a little-known doctor with remarkable healing powers. His suspicions that the doctor's powers extend into unknown realms are confirmed when David is unexpectedly imbued with the doctor's powers. Suddenly able to see the supernatural world that exists unseen all around us, he reluctantly takes over the clinic and a secret medical network for the magical world. Teaming with a female healer, David investigates the bizarre, to help those that traditional medicine cannot, all while navigating the world of the supernatural.”

(Image: Sci-Fi)