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Some more film tidbits

Here are a few tidbits of news about films with the potential to generate God-talk:

Hat tip to ComingSoon for the news of a new trailer out for film-gone-graphic-novel-gone-film The Fountain, a film this blog’s been following for its theme on the quest for eternal life. To read more about the film's test screenings see here. The newest poster is to your right.

Comic-book films have a tendency to generate God-talk, and Spider-Man 3 will likely be no exception. There’s a new picture of Venom (one of the main villains) and the web site continues to develop. Why comic-book movies on a God-talk blog? See here. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, go here.

There’s also a new poster and web site out for Ghost Rider, another comic-book film this blog’s been following.

Another piece of news making the rounds is Mel Gibson’s plans for Icon to back a new set of films some say may become the next Narnia blitz: Libba Bray’s fantasy trilogy which starts with A Great & Terrible Beauty (also the first film). What’s the story? According to Wikipedia, “It is about Gemma Doyle, a girl in the late 1800s. After the death of her mother in India, she moves to England and goes to a boarding school. There she befriends Ann, a poor, shy orphan girl. Later, they become friends with Ann's taunters, Felicity and Pippa. At first, they pretend to belong to The Order, an ancient society of women with magical powers. But, what the others don't realize is that Gemma really has powers. At first, Gemma doesn't worry much about it, till an Indian boy named Kartik from the Rakshana warns her about using her powers and about Circe, the woman who killed Gemma's mother.” Don’t know much else about these books. Anyone else?

And that’s it for now. There’s lots more stuff out there, but I’m exhausted from fighting a summer cold in the summer heat, so it’s off to bed for me.

(Image: Wikipedia/Warner Bros)