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A Short Friday Five

Five noteworthy short things in my life:

Short People: My beautiful 8-year-old daughter and my handsome 3-year-old son.

Short Hops: What happens when I step on my son’s blocks on the living room floor. Ouch.

Short Stories:
How about this one?

Short Lists: Never had one, and I’m thinking I never will. Ack.

Short Stops: My son’s potty training. Sigh.

Hmm. Seems my life is currently dominated by a particular pair of short people. Powered by RevGalBlog.

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Songbird said…
Been there with the Legos and blocks! And I love the expression in the picture. Extreme gaming, indeed.
Sally said…
life dominated by short people- wil turn to life dominated by taller, then tall people- oddly their names will be the same-nothing short about children and their capacity to fill life!
Great post
carmen said…
women after my own heart! (or at least my own experience, heh)
blessings, sisters.