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More stops along the blogging byway

Here are a few more blog posts of note:

The Heresy has some great questions about linking what the New Testament says with how we do church structure today.

Jesus Creed has a great post about emerging movement and categories we use to try to wrap our heads around it. But the best part of the post is the comments, where NT scholar Scot McKnight points out what the emerging movement is (and is not): a conversation (and not a theology). Good piece for getting a grasp on the movement.

McKnight has also begun a series of posts on Zealotry. Just what does he mean by that term? “Some evangelicals have been tossing sharp barbs for a long time at “liberals” or “mainliners” for disregarding the Bible. (It would not be hard to give good examples.) Most evangelicals criticize liberals on the basis of a robust commitment to the Bible — and in so criticizing they believe it is they who are being faithful to the Bible. Evangelicals tacitly assume or overly claim that they believe the whole Bible; they practice the Bible much better; and their theology is based on the Bible and the Bible alone. The contention is simple: liberals deny the Bible; we (evangelicals) don’t; we (evangelicals) are faithful and liberals are unfaithful. Let me suggest that evangelicals, too, do plenty of Bible-denying but they deny in a different way. They question the sufficiency of Scripture. I call this problem Zealotry.” Go read the rest.

I was heartened by the TallSkinnyKiwi’s amazing experience with some Italian Charismatic Catholics. Read it all here.

Hat tip to OT Space Opera who points us to Arts and Faith’s Top 100 spiritually significant films.

That’s it for now.

(Image: RN Marshman on Wikipedia)