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Invisible Children: The World Tour

Those jaw-dropping-talented, justice-minded and wondrously-wacky folks at Invisible Children are at it again—this time with a call to all like souls who’d be interested in taking the story of Invisible Children in movie form to the US, UK and Land Down Under. Visit their web site for more info—and make sure to watch the video.

If you’re interested in bringing Invisible Children to your area, call 619.631.0362 or e-mail 'em.

So, what’s all this hoopla about? The children in Northern Uganda are being terrorized by rebel leader Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. Kony fuels his army by abducting children and forcing them to be soldiers, laborers and sex slaves. According to World Vision, more than 30,000 have been kidnapped since the war’s beginning in 1987, and more than 1.7 million people have been forced into displacement camps, where food and water are scarce and disease is plentiful. But children aren’t safe even in these camps. So, up to 50,000 leave their homes and the camps each night and walk miles to cities and towns to sleep on sidewalks or, if they are lucky, a shelter where they lay on concrete floors with thousands of other children. This nightly routine has earned them the name “night commuters.” (For more information, see World Vision’s synopsis or see the posts in this category.)

What can we do about this? Take World Vision’s advice and get involved:
· Pray for peace and healing in northern Uganda, and for the safety of children.
· Make a one-time gift to help war-affected children.
· Make a monthly pledge as a Gulu Community Partner.
· Advocate for Uganda's children. Contact Congress.
· Sign the "No Child Soldiers" Declaration.
Or visit Invisible Children’s site. Consider buying one of their bracelets (I did).

Get on board, folks.

(Image: Invisible Children)