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BSG trailer

YouTube has the latest Battlestar Galactica Season 3 trailer online, which premiered Tuesday night during the new Sci-Fi series, Eureka. Before you watch it, though, watch the earlier Season 3 trailer. If you have time, watch the trailer for the first season—both of which use the God-talk-type-language that will give you a hint as to why I TiVo this series: Faith plays heavy in this century’s incarnation of Battlestar Galactica, and it gets quite a bit of air-time, both in the personal lives of the characters as well as a larger movement and motivation in the battle between the humans and Cylons. Not only does this show deal with faith issues often, but I think it frequently does a good job of it. As an added bonus, the series is actually critically acclaimed as well-written, acted and put together (it got nominated for three Emmys—costuming, camera and special effects—this year). You can catch up on the episodes and seasons by visiting Wikipedia or watching the Season 2 episodes currently replaying on Sci-Fi. (A friendly warning: Battlestar Galactica episodes may contain violent and sexual situations. Use discretion in your viewing choices.)

(Image: Battlestar Galactica Seal; Sci-Fi/downloaded from Wikipedia)