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Blogging on the Kingdom

In different corners of blogdom I stumbled upon two strong images of what living in the Kingdom might look like:

First, Transmillennial has this “parable” about who’s closer to the Kingdom:
An unsure church member approached him and asked, “Master, who is going to heaven?”

He answered, “Once there was a Christian who attended praise gatherings weekly. She sang, prayed, was baptized, took communion, and even spoke in tongues. But she threatened her children and ignored the homeless. She told diseased people that it was a punishment for their wicked ways. She prayed that she would eventually be pulled off the planet to keep bad things from happening to her while million of others would be left to suffer unspeakable horrors.

At the same time, there was a Buddhist (or maybe it was a Muslim, or it might have been an atheist) who never set foot inside a church building or worship warehouse, never read the Bible, and never took communion. But she visited the sick, took food and clothing to the homeless, and volunteered in a HIV/AIDS clinic. She encouraged her children to express themselves even if they disagreed with her.”

The Master then asked the unsure church member, “Which of these is closer to the Kingdom of God?”
Then there’s Little Move’s youngest daughter, who went with him on a mission trip to Haiti. During that experience, he records:
In a clinic she met a family the medical professionals present were sure was dying of AIDS. The mother was too distraught by the procedures to have blood drawn and safely hold her listless child. She took him. She held him. She held on to the life straining to remain within him. No fancy theology, or adult agendas; she held on and loved. When finally the blood tests were read, the family was HIV negative, enrolled in the nutrition program, and headed for probable recovery. My daughter was spent, all of her energy used in being present to the grief and pain without shelter or reserve.

As for me, I read every day. I read theology, philosophy, theory, and conjecture. I discuss whenever anyone is willing to discuss. I seek to understand, to teach, to heal. Would that I could remember more often how to be. Oh, like a loving, laughing, healing child to BE.
The photo accompanying the post brought tears to my eyes. Well worth the look. Also, hat tip to Daily Scribe.

(Image: johannrela)