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'Nacho', anyone?

Well, Nacho Libre (a comedy in the legacy of Napoleon Dynamite about a Mexican priest who becomes a masked wrestler to raise money for an orphanage) is out today. This is a film this blog has somewhat reluctantly included in its God-talk watch list, heh.

So, what’s the scoop? Christianity Today says:

There's a pretty simple test as to whether you'd enjoy Nacho Libre or not. Two questions: Did you like Napoleon Dynamite? Do you typically like Jack Black?

If either question is no, than you can safely pass on Nacho. But if you appreciate the random quirkiness of Napoleon and the zany, melodramatic and overacted comedy of Black, welcome to a comedic goldmine.
As to its God-talk, CT reports:

Written by the Hess couple, both Mormons, the film mentions faith often—and in some really perceptive and well-executed ways. Nacho talks about knowing the gospel and sharing it with others, and there's a good theme of realizing you must use your desires and abilities (even if it is to wrestle in Spandex) for God's purposes—and not for self. "If you fight for others' well-being," the nun tells Nacho, "only then will God bless you in battle." And there're some great jokes that believers will enjoy about conversion and legalism.

However, the film's lack of character development and loose plot lead to some faith weirdness and contradiction. Nacho really doesn't know what he believes. He has no conviction. Why is he even a friar? It's clear that he would surrender his vows of celibacy if the attractive nun would too (he even sings a song about it). Nacho spouts not-so-good theology like "maybe we'll meet in the next life" and consults a gypsy for help. Some faith issues just don't add up. One minute, Nacho's sidekick "only believes in science" and then, he's suddenly leading Nacho in prayer.

But, let's be honest: Fully realized plots and stirring themes aren't what we're watching Nacho Libre for. . . .
Ain’t that the truth. For more review from Christian media, check out Crosswalk’s Stretchy Pants Save the Day in Very Funny "Nacho Libre" or Hollywood Jesus (which got a great site makeover, btw), which doesn’t yet have a review up, but keep checking back. For reviews by the mainstream press, check out Rotten Tomatoes site.

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Mirtika said…
I like Jack Black a lot (I own the Tenacious D DVD set and have seen Shallow Hal and High Fidelity numerous times).

But I couldn't STAND Napoleon Dynamite. I really, in fact, hated Napoleon Dynamite (except it was nice to see Tina Majorino again after she sorta disappeared. That kid was terrific in Waterworld and Corinna, Corinna).

So, I'll wait for the Nacho DVD on Netflix.

Carmen Andres said…
i'd forgotten black was in shallow hall -- and i really liked that one. hmm. i'll add nacho to my netflix queue as well (unless my husband just insists that we use our monthly babysitter/nite out to see this one, ack). thanks, mir!