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If you’re into God-talking sci-fi, check out these blogs

As an unexpected side-benefit to the recent comment exchange on this blog’s Some rambling sci-fi thoughts post, I’ve run across a couple of interesting posts on faith and sci-fi:

First, check out Claw of the Conciliator, which has a series of great posts on science-fiction and fantasy from a Christian perspective (listed in the right hand column of the blog).

Then head over to A Christian Worldview of Fiction and jump in to a discussion about Fantasy & a Christian Worldview (now up to something like Part 23 or 24—but the parts are short and easily digested). Nods to Mir at Mirathon, who also points to this exchange from her blog.

All three of these blogs also provide good links and/or blogrolls on the same subject. Another community of bloggers I didn’t know was out there. Cheers, y’all!

(Image: NASA)


Mirtika said…
Cheers back. :)

Becky said…

Thanks for stopping by A Christian Worldview of Fiction. Hope you'll take time to check out some of the blogs in the Christian SF/Fan tour we're holding next week.

Mennonite Brethren ... And my background is Mennonite, Old order.

carmen said…
becky, i'll make sure to head over to your site. and nice to run into a similar-backgrounded writer. blessings to you!
Elliot said…
Cheers to you to!

er, I mean:

And also with you. ;-)