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Alberto blows ashore

Well, Tropical Storm Alberto certainly brought an early and somewhat unexpected start to the hurricane season. Alberto didn’t develop into a hurricane, but it still had meteorologists doing a bit of head-shaking as it defied expectations. While narrowly missing hurricane status, Alberto did come ashore in northern Florida as a strong tropical storm. Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters reports the biggest threat from Alberto now is storm surge in Florida, but damage is expected to be low. As to the states ahead of the storm: “Alberto will bring heavy rain and the threat of tornadoes to southern Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina over the next 36 hours, but the storm is not expected to re-intensify once it reaches the open Atlantic. At best, Alberto will bring top winds of 45 mph to these states.” We had a really good thunderstorm yesterday and we’re getting a break from the heat today because of thick cloud cover, but that’s about all Alberto has brought our way here in south-central Alabama. This'll probably be it on Alberto for this blog, but I'm keeping an eye on what's yet to come! (Why does this blog track tropical storms? Read this.)

(Image: Weather Underground)