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'Lady in the Water' has me hooked

M. Night Shyamalan is one of my favorite film writers/directors, but I confess I wasn’t looking forward to Lady in the Water—until I glimpsed this new poster and then watched the full-length trailer (as opposed to the teaser, which didn't grab me at all). Well, now I’m hooked.

I’ve seen most of Shyamalan’s films (Wide Awake is on my NetFlix cue)—my favorites being Signs and Unbreakable—and he usually does not disappoint. (Even his American Express commercial is good.) What do I like most about Shyamalan? While Shyamalan’s faith is reportedly Hindu, many of his films' themes resonate with my Christian faith (which he apparently got to know fairly well during his Catholic school education). He makes the ordinary extraordinary. He weaves stories where the material and the spiritual are inextricably intertwined—as we know them to be. And his stories drip with themes of faith, hope and redemption.

You can get a synopsis of Lady in the Water on its official website, or you can see IMDB. But believe me, the trailer (and movie stills) make a dismissible synopsis (at least it was to me) oh-so-much-more intriguing.

(Image: Warner Brothers)