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Immigration in the news again

Both the NY Times and the Washington Post ran stories about the President's televised speech scheduled for tonight, when he’ll reportedly announce a plan to allocate upwards of 10,000 National Guard troops to aid the Border Patrol on the Mexican border. The Post also ran a story about the reaction of immigrant advocate groups, of which one coalition “plans a day of civil action Wednesday, with demonstrations at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and the launch of a nationwide voter registration campaign at churches and nonprofit organizations that hopes to sign up a million new voters among legal residents.”

Why is the topic on a God-talk blog? Christians disagree on how to approach the issue—and it's making for lots of God-talk in the church as well as in the media. From this blog’s perspective, we need to change our laws to both meet our needs for security but also give hope and justice to these 11 million plus people among us—many of whom are fleeing lives of poverty for a better life for their families.

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