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'United 93' early reviews

Here are the early reviews on United 93, the film chronicling in real time the experiences of air traffic controllers, military personnel and the passengers of the 9/11 plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. The film will release nation-wide on April 28. All three reviews listed here advocate seeing the film, dismissing any notions that it is exploitive or unnecessary. However, none of them delve into the faith issues in the film. The only talk on that I’ve seen has come via GetReligion’s Terry Mattingly (see here and here). But it’s early, and there will be more reviews.

Variety’s review says of the film: “Taut, visceral and predictably gut-wrenching, United 93, Paul Greengrass' already much-debated look at Sept. 11, trades in some emotional impact for authenticity, capturing the overwhelming sense of chaos surrounding that day's harrowing events. The result is a tense, documentary-style drama that methodically builds a sense of dread despite the preordained outcome.”

A Reuter’s article says: “In years to come, United 93 may enter our mythology in ways unimaginable. But for now, we have a starting point. United 93 is a sincere attempt to pull together the known facts and guesses at the emotional truths as best anyone can. Then, in the movie's final moments, the impact of the heroism aboard United 93 becomes startlingly clear.”

And, finally, this Entertainment Weekly article looks behind the scenes. One description (how they kept the actors portraying the highjackers separate from the rest of the cast during rehearsal) brought tears to my eyes—which tells me, again, it’s too early for me to see this film. But it seems it shaped up to be a good one, by all accounts so far.

(Image: Universal Studios)