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Robin Williams to play minister in romantic comedy about marriage

Here's another film which may bring God-talk to open spaces, albeit in a more, um, interesting Robin-Williams-way. Cinecon reports the Variety scoop that Robin Williams and Mandy Moore have signed to star in License to Wed. What’s it about? According to Cinecon:

Ken Kwapis is directing the feature about a happy young couple on their way to being married. A minister (Williams) of the bride's family orders the pair to go through a two week prenup course in order to be married in his church. When the groom fails, he loses the girl but begins a fight to win her back.
I must admit, I'm looking forward to this one (ok, so I like chick-flicks). If done right, this could be good (though I'm thinking it's also an easy one to botch). Looks like John Krasinski (of The Office) is in talks to co-star in the picture as well. The film begins shooting in May.

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