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‘Paradise Lost’ coming to big screen

Multiple sources (like Ireland Online, the UK’s Telegraph, and Cinecon) are reporting Variety’s scoop (available only to subscribers) that Legendary Pictures (who brought us Superman Returns and Batman Begins) is bringing John Milton’s 1667 legendary poem to the big screen. According to the sources above, Variety (which originally reported the story in October 2005) says Scott Derrickson (Exorcism of Emily Rose and Hellraiser: Inferno) is attached as director as well as co-writer with Stuart Hazeldine (the two will be working off a script already penned by Byron Willinger and Phil DeBlasi). Vincent Newman Entertainment and Legendary Pictures are producing the film. The project is described as “epic in scope and size.”

This is, to say the least, an intriguing project. In August 2005, Derrickson—a self-confessed Christian—sat for an interview with Christianity Today prior to the release of Exorcism of Emily Rose, which he directed. (The film was listed on CT’s Top 10 Redeeming Films of 2005; see CT’s review here.) It is a very interesting Q&A—well worth the read, especially in light of Paradise Lost.

For more info on Paradise Lost, see Christian Classics Ethereal Library, which has the entire text online as well as info about Milton. You can also find the text at Paradise Lost Study Guide, which also includes essays, Q&A and analysis (these are from a secular viewpoint). SparkNotes’ Paradise Lost is a great resource, containing a plot overview, summaries of each section, character list, themes/motifs/symbols, etc.

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