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God-talk Miscellany I

As I browse the Web, I often run across interesting sites or articles but I don’t have the time to write up posts on all of them. So, here’s the first post of many that will point you to places where I’ve found God-talk worth a look.

1. A Worthy Message is an interesting blog I ran across while perusing the comments section of a GetReligion post. If you are interested in the emerging movement or simple church stuff, you’ll probably find this blog worth returning to. (Also, I must confess, I was inspired to start “God-talk Miscellany” by his “Just Browsing” series.) Give the blog a visit.

2. Action Institute (whose self-described purpose is “to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles”) posted an entry on their Power Blog on the Michael Luo’s NY Times article, Evangelicals Debate the Meaning of ‘Evangelical’ (which I blogged about earlier here). I like Power Blogger Jordan Ballar’s insight that evangelicals tend to be categorized by their political stance rather than theological. Worth the read.

3. Same Faith, No Steeple (Tampa Tribune) takes a look at how Christians are doing church differently in Tampa with some Barna and emerging language tossed in.

4. A recent report indicates that the Majority of Canadians and Americans Believe In [the] Resurrection but there’s a number (17% of Canadians and 13% of Americans) who believe the resurrection was faked and that Jesus was married and had a family. One in ten in each country didn’t have an opinion at all.

5. Christianity in 21st Century Clothes is a CBS news piece about Scum of the Earth, an “emergent church” in Denver. (It's helpful to keep in mind, as you read pieces like this, that there is a difference between the "emerging movement"--the discussion taking place among theologians/scholars/etc.--and the “emergent church”--folks who are changing church practice, which varies immensely. See Scot McKnight’s short piece, Seven Habits of Successful Emerging Discussions, for more help in understanding this movement.)


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