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Another TiVo alert

I just recently cleared my backlogged TiVo-ed episodes of Lost, Law & Order and the BBC-imported Hustle (guilty pleasure), but I’ve still got way too much left: this week’s 24 (don’t even think about telling me what happened), several episodes of Bones, House, and Power Rangers (for my daughter, honest), my husband’s Dr. Who (still can't see the attraction there), a couple of Battlestar Galactica episodes I’ve yet to blog about, a Sci-Fi miniseries and Always (a movie that makes me cry every time). Alas, even so, I’ve added yet a few more to my list—and you might think about adding them to yours because they’re bound to elicit God-talk chatter:

Lost, Wednesday, April 12 (ABC 9/8c): This episode, a Rose and Benard (her husband) flashback, was originally slated for May sweeps, but looks like we get to see it earlier. Rose, as I’ve mentioned before, is a character who has exhibited a strong Christian faith on a show that constantly flirts with themes of faith, doubt, sin and redemption (though, of course, not always of the Christian variety). The plot? According to a TV Guide teasers, “So far it seems like Bernard (Sam Anderson) and Rose (L. Scott Caldwell) have the perfect relationship, but it looks as if their flashback . . . might tell a different story.” Hmm.

The Ten Commandments, April 10-11 (ABC): This is a remake of the original 1956 film. It was filmed in Morocco and has a varied cast, including Naveen Andrews (Lost’s Sayid) and Mia Maestro (Syd’s sis on Alias). However, it’s not getting a good review from TV Guide’s Matt Roush, who says, “This new version violates the primary commandment of epic filmmaking, biblical or otherwise: Thou shalt not bore.” Ouch. Roush offers one bit of good news, though: “The best news about ABC’s unnecessary, instantly forgettable remake . . . is that ABC is still planning its broadcast of the classic movie” (see next).

The Ten Commandments, April 15 (ABC 7/6c): The 1956 film with Charlton Heston, complete with plagues, a parted Red Sea and those namesake tablets of stone.

God or the Girl? April 16 (A&E 9/8c): I first read about this new reality series a few days ago (where have I been?!?) on FoxNews. While on first glance, this appears as eye-rolling cheesiness, supposedly it’s got some meat. The concept? The series follows “four Catholic men as they contemplate entering the priesthood.” TV Guide’s Susan Stewart says “the timeliness of the subject makes it worth watching” and Catherine Donaldson-Evans of Fox says, “The way God or the Girl is executed is as a serious documentary about the difficult journey involved in choosing a life devoted entirely to God—but with a reality-show feel to it to keep it interesting.” The FoxNews article also carried this quote from one of the priesthood-contemplators, 21-year-old Dan DeMatte: "The title of the show is less than appealing to any faithful Catholic. . . . It's not a decision between God or the girl. It's a decision between serving God through celibacy or serving God through married life. God is No. 1 no matter what. The title is simply to catch eyes." Tune in and see for yourself. I know I will.

7th Heavean, Monday, May 8 (WB 8/7c): This is the final episode for this long-running family show—which actually mentioned Jesus more than once. When I ask pastors how realistically the show portrays the ministry, they inevitably roll their eyes (for which I don't blame them). But I’ve been impressed more than once on the issues the show tackled—and how well they did it. Sorry to see this one go, but such is life in TV-dom.

Also, don’t forget ER’s Darfur/Sudan episodes (April 27 and May 4), which follow-up on a May 2 episode entitled “Darfur” (which this blog reviewed) and is a subject close to this blog's heart. And you can go here for more suggestions if you’ve still got room on your TiVo (which I obviously do not).

Until next time, then.

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