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Taking the little red pill

Awhile back, someone introduced me to Houses that change the world (Wolfgang Simson) and, well, my life has never been the same. It’s been a bit like taking Morpheus’ little red pill. I'd been teetering at the edge of this “rethinking how we do church” world for some time, but when I began reading Houses and sampling third reformation perspectives, scores of mental doors (at whose thresholds I wasn’t even aware I was standing) opened simultaneously (which leaves me somewhat scatter-brained and dazed, though that might just be my normal state).

Some of what I’ve read seems right on. Some of it seems off-base. Most of it, however, I haven’t even read yet. Inevitably, as I sift through and process what I’m rapidly discovering is a plethora of streams and rivers that feeds this movement, it will make it’s way to this blog.

If you’re a relative “newbie” like me, check out by Richard Foster’s take on third reformation (a shorter version is here). Wolfgang Simson’s take is somewhat different. Third Day also provides a perspective. Wikipedia also provides helpful backgrounds on the emerging church and house church movements. Out of Ur and some of the links listed on this blog are samples of the very broad range of discussion taking place about this issue of “rethinking how we do church.”

So, here’s to that little red pill.