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Onward & Upward: Narnia 2017?!

Okay, I must admit a part of me really wanted to roll my eyes when I read Christian Today's (a news Web site) headline: Last Narnia Film Predicted to Appear in 2017 -- probably because the McPassion short is still fresh in my mind. But it's a bit tongue in cheek, I think (plus, seven Narnia films would be kinda cool):
Rev. Bob Beltz, director of special media projects for the billionaire media entrepreneur Philip Anschutz, had a vision of what his Hollywood colleagues might be doing someday just before his funeral. Using a best-case scenario, it would take two years to make each movie, said Beltz. That would mean 12 more years and the last film would appear in 2017.

"They could end up holding the first screening of The Last Battle just before my funeral service. That's about how long it may take us to do the whole series," quipped the 55-year-old Presbyterian pastor, referring to the seventh and final Narnia novel by the Christian apologist C.S. Lewis.
Christian Today also reports that first film was nearing $664 million at the beginning of this week at the global box office, and it has made $288,193,914 at the U.S. box office since its Dec. 9 release, just a smidgen lower than Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which came out three weeks earlier, and is ahead at $288,733,970.

The site also reports producers aiming for a Prince Caspian pre-Christmas 2007 release.

(Photo: Narniaweb)