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More on Mother Mary & St. Paul's journeys to the big screen

First up, Nativity has gained another cast member. Variety reports that Shohreh Aghdashloo is joining the cast as Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. Aghdashloo, a native of Iran, is best known for her Oscar-nominated role in House of Sand and Fog and a recurring part on last season’s 24. For more info on Nativity, which focuses on the lives of Mary and Joseph in the years leading up to Jesus’ birth, see here.

And I came across a bit more info on Mime-Prelude's project to bring Apostle Paul's story to the big screen. The bio-pic will be based on Bruce Chilton’s book, Rabbi Paul. (Chilton is a priest, professor of religion at Bard College and Jesus Seminar Fellow with more than a few books to his credit). Variety reports the film will “portray the life and times of Paul and how he transformed from a ruthless persecutor of early Christians into the founder of Christianity.”

As a note, Prelude is part of Prelude Worldwide Ministries run by Mark Koch, a film producer (with Lost In Space among his credits). Here’s what Koch says on his Website about the ministry’s goal:

Prelude Worldwide Ministries . . . is committed and focused on promoting a spiritual awakening throughout the world, and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Biblical virtues have often been ignored, undermined, or even ridiculed in media program decisions and product content. Prelude's mission is to strive for the increase of quality, moral media products, and to combat against the destructive, immoral content which now dominates the media, and destructively influences the moral values of our youth.

Prelude's primary focus is a strategic distribution plan for faith-based media products such as motion pictures, television, music and other creative witnessing products.

Prelude is partnering with Mime (a part of Mandalay Entertainment Group) for a couple of upcoming projects, their publicized aim to provide family-friendly films.