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Links added to Uganda & Darfur sites

The crises in northern Uganda and the Darfur region of Sudan are topics this blog visits frequently. In that vein, I’ve added two links to this page and encourage you to visit them. The first is Invisible Children, an organization moving powerfully at the grassroots level dedicated to publicizing the plight of and providing financial resources for children in northern Uganda. They’re doing this by documenting their true, untold stories in a creative and relevant way, moving people to action to end to the plight. Visit the sight to see how you can get involved. The second is Coalition for Darfur, a blog run by “a Southern conservative and a Northern liberal” and dedicated to raising awareness of this continuing genocide as well as raising money for Save the Children and Catholic Relief services. Coalition for Darfur tracks news coming out of and about Darfur at an incredible pace, saving bloggers like me the time and energy it takes to stay on top of it. Periodically, you will see links to and information from both these organizations.

(Image from flickr by TKnoxB: a child in an IDP camp in Northern Uganda)